How To Deal With Grief

How to deal with grief is a personal process; where coming to terms with the sorrow and facing up to the future is something that can only happen when you’re fully ready.

Giving yourself over to the grieving process can itself prove challenging, especially if you have children to support and other responsibilities to take care of.

Writer on loss and grief, Elaine Mansfield, provides a range of useful suggestions, including the importance of connecting with nature on a daily basis. Also, upping your exercise regime, reaching out to others who are in need, and re-organising and re-arranging your home. These are all distractions, which can help to take your mind off of your grief, while achieving a useful and potentially practical or helpful outcome in the process.

There can also be something said for writing things down. There are many testaments to the benefits of keeping a journal or blog to help arrange thoughts and build a clearer picture of how you’re feeling. Going back and reading over how you were feeling can also help you to see how you’re progressing, and to look back on how far you’ve come.

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