Missing a Loved One

It can seem like the anguish of missing a loved one will never leave us, but there comes a time when we have to face the day-to-day demands of life! There will be many things we relied upon our spouse to fix or fulfil, and suddenly we find ourselves ‘the sole fixer’ with little or no knowledge of changing a plug or making a meat pie.

For some, facing a challenge is the stuff of life, but for others, inspiration is sorely lacking. Minor and major tasks around the house remain undone and the proverbial ‘take-away’ becomes the norm for those who don’t like to cook. These short-comings only serve to increase our sense of loss, and friends and family will become concerned about your lack of motivation. This is far more normal than you might think and with gentle encouragement from those around you there will come a time when you feel able to cope.

Having some photographs of your loved one around the home are important and although they will make you sad, sometimes, they will also serve to remind you of how lucky you were to have had this person in your life.

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