Remembering a Loved One

Losing someone you love does not mean they will be forgotten. Nothing can ever take away your memories of cherished moments together and these moments can be shared with friends and family who will no doubt want to share memories of their own.

There will be the constant reminders like their favourite chair, the garden they tended, the pet who adored him/her and the children who bare his resemblance.

Also, you will have your own special memorial where you can go and remember him/her with a significant epitaph that encapsulates his/her life and your loss. Some prefer to plant a tree and others have a memorial seat in a much-loved space, like a park or garden.

In spite of the rush of life, there is little chance you will forget the one who once shared your life. Their face will come to mind at unexpected moments and things they said will resonate within, when you’re least expecting it.

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